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Football forces a shutout

Prairie Fire Garrett Rau celebrates with his teammates after getting against Iowa Wesleyan in Galesburg on Saturday, Sept. 28t. (Katy Coseglia/TKS)

In 1970, the NY Knicks beat the LA Lakers in the NBA championship series, Ernie Banks hit his 500th home run, the Brazil men’s national soccer team beat Italy 4-1 to become the first team to win the FIFA World Cup three times in a row, and the Knox College Football team beat Carleton College 47-0.

Almost 50 years later, on Sept. 14, the Knox Prairie Fire football team made history again with a 44-0 blowout victory over Iowa Wesleyan University. This is an impressive win for the football team and they have shown some major gains this season. Captain Garrett Rau, senior, and Coach Damon Tomeo had similar impressions of the game, both mentioning how the offense, defense and special teams were all executed well against Iowa Wesleyan.

“A lot of things went right for us throughout the game and it was a fun day to be a part of the football program,” Tomeo said.

Key players in the Iowa Wesleyan game were Ty Straw, junior, on offense and Ean Rau, sophomore, with his brother Garrett for defense. Straw rushed 56 yards on 12 carries and provided two touchdowns for the Prairie Fire, while the Rau brothers combined for five tackles, a sack and two interceptions, one of which led to a pick six. Overall, team performance was solid and consistent.

Senior James Dinaso celebrates after the Prairie Fire forces a fumble at their game against Iowa Wesleyan on Saturday, Sept. 14 at the Knosher Bowl. (Katy Coseglia/TKS)

Athletic Director Daniella Irle has also been impressed with the performance of the football team this season. “During the Eureka [College] game, if we took three big plays out of that game, that’s a different game for us,” Irle said.

It was the first match-up of the season for the Fire, which they lost 42-28, but without those three plays the outcome would have been quite different. The team was able to build on some of their miscues from the Eureka game and turn in a powerful performance against Iowa Wesleyan.

“This group has a positive, enthusiastic attitude towards all aspects of the programÐ practices, lifting, meetingsÐ as well as during games,” Garrett said. “That enthusiasm was very obvious throughout the Iowa Wesleyan game. When a Knox player would make a big play, the entire bench would be roaring with excitement.”

The Prairie Fire posted another impressive 45-21 victory with their win over Beloit College in the conference on Sept. 28th. Straw and Garrett Rau were both vital to this win. Straw carried 127 yards rushing that led to a touchdown and Rau had seven tackles, a pick six and a pass breakup.

Katy Coseglia

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