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Grinnell cancels the 2019 football season

On October 1, Grinnell College canceled the rest of their football season for 2019. Grinnell had seen their roster numbers decreased consistently over the past couple of seasons.

The Pioneers had 28 healthy players and 39 players total, essentially just enough players to practice. Football is a sport that plays 11-on-11 so they only had 7 players left over who didn’t play. Grinnell College had a vote to decide to end the season.

Andy Hamilton, the Athletic Director of Grinnell, spoke about the decision to end the program through a press release.

“Grinnell College is unwilling to compromise the health and safety of its players, including the 11 players, who over the course of the first seven weeks of practice and play, will miss some or all of the season,” said Hamilton.


Kyle Williams
Sports Editor

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