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Recommending Taco Bells in Galesburg

When you find out that the media publications budget, a sum of money awarded through some supernatural process to the media organizations of Knox College, has been cut by thousands of dollars, all you can do is feel terribly. And when one feels terribly, one wants to eat Taco Bell.

When you find yourself in this exact situation, because you’re one of the editors or staff of Catch, X Journal, WVKC, Quiver, or maybe TKS, or you had to wait until week three of Fall Term to even find out what your budget is, or maybe your stipends have been seriously reduced because someone allegedly said something to the wrong person last year, or maybe you’re having any other kind of problem – I don’t know – I highly recommend that you go to the Taco Bell on East Main Street, and NOT the one on Henderson.

I have been going to Taco Bell all my life, so I know what I’m talking about here. When you’re making an important financial decision, like funding a very expensive array of media programs at a small liberal arts college in Galesburg, Illinois, or going to Taco Bell to buy a Cheesy Gordita Crunch (or five), it is important that you get some input from experts and people who would be affected by your decision, maybe by speaking with them.

Speaking with people is a good and normal way to get information. When you speak to people, they can tell you what they know, which is what I am doing for you now about Taco Bell. Listen to me:

The East Main Street Taco Bell provides the atmosphere that you’re really looking for in a Taco Bell – the interior, while not being sparkling clean, is not distractingly messy.

The walls are festooned everywhere with strange pop art which really takes you right back to the nineties, a time when you were likely not alive, let alone capable of criticizing the interior design of a Taco Bell. There are several tables near chargers, perfect for plugging in your phone while you send multiple emails enquiring after a final budget that was meant to have been delivered to you a full season ago. The windows are made of glass, a great material to gaze through while you stare off into the distance and wonder how your life could’ve gone so wrong.

Above all, I must say, my favorite thing about the Taco Bell on East Main Street is that it is a place where I feel respected.

I feel like if someone or some group of people made a huge mistake that caused a lot of stress in my life at this Taco Bell and it took a long time to fix it, and if they spent a lot of time forcing me to run around and fix that mistake, and a lot of people were actively against me during this entire process, that, if that happened, someone would apologize to me in a sincere way.

They wouldn’t take it as a moment to throw some other people under the bus for actions that they themselves chose to take. They certainly wouldn’t continue to avoid communications with me and instead let other people, who have better things to be doing frankly, take responsibility for their actions.

I think they would stand by their actions at the Taco Bell on East Main Street, because they knew that their actions were righteous, well intentioned and done in good faith, as the actions of anyone in an elected position – sorry, I mean fast food establishment – ought to be.

For example, if they forgot to put hot sauce in my bag, they’re the kind of people who would apologize and want to do better. And that’s what we really want from our Taco Bell establishments: to feel respected. As for the “Taco Bell” on “Henderson,” I’m still waiting for my “hot sauce.”

Katana Smith

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