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Student discusses music and songwriting

Ellie Baird plays guitar in her jazz group, The Cherry Street Combo. (Photo courtesy of Sam Beem)

Senior, Ellie Baird, never expected to be a music major.

“I really loved music but didn’t want to be a major for some reason,” Baird said.

Despite that, she ended up within the music program and has found it to be a very rewarding experience that has allowed her to explore many different areas of musical interest without the pressure to commit to only one.

“Going to such a small school and with a very small music program, I really like how strong my connections are with the people in this program. I have some professors who’ve changed my life,” she said.

Her journey into music has been a long one, starting with violin and cello as a child and progressing to school choirs and musicals in her middle school and high school years.

Since arriving at Knox, Baird has taken up playing guitar and began writing her own music. This term she is taking time off from classes, but is still focusing on her music.

“It’s always been the default. I never thought about not doing music at all. If I was going to stop doing music in one way, it was always for another thing,” she said.

Songwriting has become a big part of her musical journey at Knox. Baird describes her songs as “kind of sad but catchy rock music” that talk about her life.

“There are so many people who you are influenced by. But who you want to sound like, you want to sound like yourself,” Baird said.

Despite this, she named both Snail Mail and Nilfer Yanya as having an impact on her music.

Though she doesn’t know what the future holds for her and her music major, Baird’s certain that music will be involved in one way or another.

“Whatever I end up doing, I know that want to be playing all the time because that’s when I feel the happiest,” Baird said.

Baird performs Thursday nights at Fat Fish Pub with the Cherry Street Combo. Her Jazz group’s upcoming performance is at Baked on Tuesday, October 15, at 9 p.m.

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