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Students create campus-wide Minecraft server

A creation made on the Knoxcraft server. Students made the server to play with classmates. (Photo courtesy of Maggie Garrett)

The popular Minecraft server that first started at the end of Winter Term 2018 continues this year, under new ownership after the previous owner Noa Florsheim decided against returning to Knox.

“Over the summer, when [Florsheim] was no longer able to continue supporting the server, I decided to take up the mantle and created a new server with the same address that had been abandoned previously,” Maggie Garrett, junior, said.

Garrett pays for the upkeep of the Knoxcraft server and moderates it with the assistance of sophomores Caleb Moore and Sarah Wallenfelsz.

“I was a casual player until the beginning of this year, and then someone griefed the server and put up graphic imagery so [Garrett] asked me to remove it and gave me [moderator] power,” Moore said. “I ended up taking it all down and we banned one of the players. Maggie asked if I wanted to stay OP’d [moderator] so I said sure.”

The moderator team works to remove and prevent griefing, which is the act of vandalizing or destroying the work of other players on a server. They have installed plug-ins to prevent people building machines meant to make the server unusable and ensure that the server remains a place of community. Yet, other than an uptick of digital vandalism toward after posters were put up advertising the server around campus, the server remains relatively easy to moderate.

“We’ve been really lucky, the first server didn’t really have any issue with griefers and we’ve had just a few incidents, and when those happen, people are really helpful with letting me know all the information they can and helping clean up if they feel they can help clean up,” Garrett said. “It’s honestly been really reinvigorating for me, seeing what people are doing on the server.”

The reincarnated server has had a total of 42 people online, but usually only one to three people online at any given time. Students usually log in with a small group of friends to unwind after classes are over.

The moderation team plans to develop the server and make it more homely as the term goes on. Garrett wants to create a welcoming area in which players spawn in, as they currently spawn next to some player-built structures. Some helpful players maintain a supply chest near the spawn point from which new players can grab tools and building materials so they’re not starting from nothing when they play.

“I think we want to create an environment of community and friendliness,” Moore said. Garrett plans to support the server throughout the academic year, and Moore hopes to promote the server by putting up more posters and tabling this term. The Knoxcraft server can be joined through its IP:

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