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Dining services rolls out changes

Junior Akib Hussnain bags a quick meal at the Grab-N-Go in Seymour. (Katy Coseglia/TKS)

Dining Services announced that Dining and Flex Dollars will roll over from term to term, the Seymour Grab-N-Go may move into the Carl Sandburg Lounge, and the food pantry has moved into the old Office of Sustainability.

Doug Stenfeldt, General Manager for Bon Appetit, said the decision to allow Dining and Flex Dollars to roll over came from discussions about food insecurity on campus. The funds will remain available for students over breaks who may otherwise struggle to find food.

“We have so many people who stay on campus with us over breaks, upwards of I’ve heard 150 (students), that (the change) seemed like it might be beneficial for us,” Stenfeldt said.

Students Libby Winchester, junior, and Corgan Ball, freshman, felt the rollover would be useful beyond food insecurity. Winchester said she planned to save some of her Dining Dollars over winter term to use in spring term, when she tends to spend more.

“It’ll be nice to have that roll over and not feel pressured to go spend it,” Winchester said.

Ball pointed to the potential economic implications the rollovers may have. She said the rollovers could help students who run into unexpected financial troubles and may have Dining and Flex Dollars saved up. Ball saw it as a positive for all students.

“I feel like that’s what’s best for the community and the students themselves,” Ball said.

Dinning Services is discussing moving the Seymour Grab-N-Go into the Carl Sandburg Lounge in Seymour Hall. Stenfeldt said the idea was to move the Grab-N-Go because of fire hazards in the current Seymour location.

“We’re not allowed to have things plugged in under staircases or open flames to heat food,” Stenfeldt said.

Stenfeldt wanted to be clear that Bon Appetit would not be taking over the Sandburg Lounge completely. They plan to integrate the new Grab-N-Go into the space, but plans to do so are not yet set in stone.

Bon Appetit has moved the food pantry into the old Office of Sustainability in the office supply share shop. Stenfeldt is working with the Student Senate to put more food into the new pantry. The new space is about four times bigger than the closet it used to be in, and Stenfeldt hopes to put more than snack foods in the pantry.

“We’re looking for more sustainable things to put in there that actually would look like a well-balanced meal to somebody,” Stenfeldt said.

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