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Senate Briefing: Votes on attendance policy, club funding

Student Senate assembled for their weekly general meeting in the Trustees Room in Alumni Hall (Rob Nguyen / TKS)

Student Senate held multiple votes concerning their attendance policy, a funds request from Botanical House and the funds request process itself at their meeting last Thursday in the Trustee’s Room in Alumni Hall.

Senate first heard a presentation from Lily Gross, a Bon AppŽtit fellow, on the company’s sustainability efforts such as avoiding purchasing food that was raised with antibiotics.

Campus Life Chair Carly Rieger, sophomore, spoke on behalf of Botanical House to make a funds request. Botanical House sought $38 for its “Little Shop of Horrors” movie night, and $128 for a planned Decorative Pot Day. Both requests were approved.

Treasurer Andrew Liput, junior, requested a vote to charge the student finance committee with reviewing funds requests for whether they line up with what was laid out in club’s budgets.

Liput stated that because of a funding shortfall they were over budgeted by $15,000, emphasizing that not all the money that was allotted was expected to be used, but still describing the financial situation as tight. Liput stated that he therefore wanted to keep track that funds were being used the way they were intended.

President Cayne Randle, senior, stated that there had been issues with past events that had funds requests not actually happening, and the money that was allotted was used in some other way that was not directly approved.

When asked if this would mean that funds requests by clubs would take longer to go through, Liput stated that it would not, unless a request was being made that did not clearly line up with an item in the club’s budget. Senate voted to approve the update to the funds request process.

Also brought forward was a proposed update to the senate’s attendance policy to incorporate plans to require tabeling by senators. The updated policy would penalize senators if they do not attend an assigned tabeling slot, with the penalty being equal to being late to a senate meeting.

Some senators voiced concerned about this policy, due to it instituting an additional time commitment that was not an original listed requirement when they ran for a seat in senate.

Vice President Robert Draper’s response what that this why the attendance policy was subject to a vote for approval among the senators. Senate voted to pass the update to attendance policy.

During her Campus Life committee report, Rieger also stated her intention, pending discussing it with Director of Campus Safety Nathan Kemp, to not host the annual Safety Walk this school year. In its place, members of her committee would walk the campus and report their findings to Campus Safety.

Randle announced that a town hall would not be taking place during this fall term, due to difficulty with having all crucial members of administration present. Instead, senate is now planning on having a town hall at some point during Winter Term.

During class reports, issues that were brought up included persistent complaints about the school’s wifi and confusion surrounding the Grab-N-Go, with members of Senate asking how the organization could more clearly communicate information to the rest of the student body.

The next Student Senate meeting will be held on Oct. 17 at 7 p.m. in the Alumni Hall Trustee’s Room.

Carlos Flores-Gaytan, Co-News Editor
Co-News Editor

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