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TKS Q&A: Scott Maust

What do you find most rewarding about your work?


I’ve always been a big construction type of person. I like construction. I like seeing stuff getting built and fixed and repaired. I just like Knox’s campus É it’s an older campus, so it’s rewarding to see stuff get fixed and updated.

Probably one of my most favorite projects I’ve done since I’ve been here is the renovation of Alumni Hall. To see an old historical building that sat empty for years and years rebuilt and remodeled for the use of it now, that was probably one of my most fun projects.


Is there a book, film or TV show you’ve enjoyed lately?


I’m kind of an old school person, I love watching “Alaska: The Last Frontier,” that’s kind of my favorite TV show. That or “Building off the Grid.” More the outdoorsmen type stuff.


What was your time in school like for you?


I didn’t go to college. I just finished high school, and when I got done with high school I went into the Navy. I first started working on repairing submarines … then I went on board an aircraft carrier where I did a lot of work on the heating, air conditioning, ventilation, pumps, that type of hands on stuff.


Do you have an item in this office that holds special meaning to you?


[A painting of an eagle in front of the Twin Towers and the American Flag]. My son did that right after 9/11, he was a junior in high school when he did that. I was pretty proud of him doing that one.


Do you have a favorite place in Galesburg?


Well, it depends on who you talk to on that. If you talk to my daughter, it would be Menards. Myself, I don’t know, I don’t have a real favorite placeÉ my daughter says I spend way too much time at Menards.


Do you have a favorite thing about Knox in general?


I really like the people at Knox. Knox is a family. Everybody’s just so friendly, and students are friendly É it’s a great place to work.


This interview has been edited for length.


Carlos Flores-Gaytan, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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