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Theatre students talks about role in costume shop

Emma Bohman works on a costume in the costume shop. Bohman is also an actress in the Theatre Department. (Katy Coseglia/TKS)

Emma Bohman, junior, doesn’t see theater going out of style anytime soon.

“I think theater still has a place in modern society, and I think it always will,” Bohman said.

Her journey into theater started during Fall Term her freshman year at Knox.

“I thought I wasn’t a very good actor, but I decided it was something I enjoyed so I thought, ‘What the hell I’m gonna do it. What do I have to lose?’” she said.

Despite that doubt, Bohman has found success for herself within the theater department at Knox and has become a theater major.

While she is most likely to be recognized for her work on stage, she has also found a place backstage to lend her talents. Because of all the opportunities available at Knox, Bohman has not had to commit to doing only one thing. She has been able to act, direct and work in the costume shop.

Bohman has most recently been working in the costume shop on her own costume for an upcoming show. She said that having that behind the scenes work really helps when fleshing out a character and allows for a deeper connection to the work as a whole and the role that you play.

“I like the ability to lose yourself for a little bit. You’re still yourself but [theater] gives me a break from myself, it allows me to explore a character’s motivations, it allows me to empathize more with other people,” she said.

Bohman still believes that theater is a valuable art form to explore. Due to the limits that a performance space presents, actors have to explore new ways to form a story under that limit.

“There’s something incredible about seeing that creativity when restricted to a space,” Bohman said.

Something she also values about theater is how every performance is different.

“Each show and the message conveyed can be tailored to the present each time and you can shift it and change it,” Bohman said.

Within theater there is a very human aspect of every performance, and a relationship formed between the actors and the audience each night.


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