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Reviewing new ice cream shop: El Dulce Helado

The interior of El Dulce Haelado, located on East Main Street. (Milo Camaya/TKS).

While we all know that Caf ice cream never gets old, it’s sometimes nice to get off campus and have access to a wider variety of flavors. One such place that offers this to the Galesburg community is El Dulce Helado on E. Main St.

Walking to the shop, it was easy to spot it even from a block away. The colorful storefront sets it apart from the buildings around it. It also adds an aura of fun with the ice cream truck flavors decorating the deli.

Inside it gives off the vibe of a classic ice cream parlor. Most of the store has lots of natural light thanks to the big windows. It’s not a bad place to spend your afternoon.

“I liked the look of it! It was very similar to a place in Madison, [Wisconsin] that I’ve been to,” Zane Stein, freshman said.

Stein has only been once, but is interested in going back.

I have become somewhat of a regular customer and had the chance to taste a variety of flavors. Their strawberry stands out due to it’s hot pink hue.

“The flavor is so strong compared to regular strawberry flavors, like it actually tasted like a strawberry,” Addison Anderson, freshman, said.

Anderson has been several times and enjoyed the variety of options offered. The second time she went she got a mango bubble tea, which she said could’ve been colder but it’s still nice to have something so close to campus.

Another Knox student who has stopped by the shop is junior Anna Neubauer.

“I got Abuelita’s chocolate. I don’t know if you’ve heard of their hot chocolate mix, it has a lot of spices and stuff in it. It’s so good,” Neubauer said.

Neubauer learned about the shop from the weekly Spanish Table, where her professor recommended it to her. Later that week she went with a friend to check it out.

“We really liked it. The ice cream is handmade so it’s very fresh and delicious,” she said.

The shop also offers bubble tea, popsicles and full meals. They offer breakfast and lunch, which Neubauer is particularly eager to try.

“I definitely need to go back and try more,” Neubauer said.

As far as the staff, they were very warm, inviting and easy to start a conversation with. However, for such a big space, the small staff makes the place feel a bit empty at times.

“I think that their menu has a lot of stuff so sometimes the staff gets overwhelmed because both times I’ve been there there’s only been two workers,” said Anderson.

Regardless, she said they were kind and made her experience enjoyable.


Kaitlyn Cashdollar

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