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Transfers reflect on choosing Knox

Junior Bennet Van Meter planned on attending Texas A&M University since she was seven years old. But two years into a co-enrollment program at Blinn College, she started to question if that school was the right fit.

“Then I visited Knox last October and fell in love with Knox and applied the very next week,” Van Meter said.

Van Meter spent two years at Blinn College before taking half a semester off. She would have had junior standing if she began her third year at A&M University, but instead entered Knox with sophomore standing. Van Meter estimated that about half of her credits did not transfer over, including some basic requirements for her biology major such as ‘Intro to Psychology.’

“No, [Knox admin] mostly said, ‘Oh, it doesn’t line up with our courses,’ which is funny because my psych class at Blinn was way more in depth than the one at Knox,” Van Meter said. “I mean we’re on trimesters and I had a whole semester of it, so it’s just different.”

Yet while Blinn’s semester system affords more time with subjects, Van Meter said she prefers Knox’s academic calendar.

“I honestly like the trimesters better because [with] the semesters you can get so drowned out, and it gets so long hearing the same information for a really long time. It’s a little draining,” Van Meter said. “But I feel like 10 weeks are very concise, and you feel like you really have to work for it and things of that sort.”

A&M has approximately 70,000 students. On its large campus, Van Meter said she always got lost Ñ sometimes she had to use Google Maps to find her classes. The club fair required a four story building and she found it difficult to find a good club and get involved without knowing someone already in it.

“Like if your friend was on one side of campus and you were on the other, there are so many different types of buildings and things of that sort that you could go around and you would never run into each other,” Van Meter said. “Like, you know all of your friends are on campus but you just don’t know where.”

For sophomore Joey Reyes, the size of his last school, Western Michigan, is also what led him to transfer to Knox.

“A lot of it had to do with me maybe going to graduate school. And so I needed to have good relationships with my professors, and that’s kind of hard at school that has like 23,000 kids,” Reyes said.

Reyes visited Knox twice before enrolling at Western Michigan. Ironically, Michigan’s large size is what first convinced Reyes to attend. He was attracted to the idea that with so many students, you could reinvent yourself every year.

“My biggest fear about coming to a small school was, well, it’s like the best and the worst thing about having a small school É you get to know everyone É There’s that fear that everyone knows you and knows your business,” Reyes said.

Reyes only attended Western Michigan for one semester, then finished the year at community college before re-applying to Knox. He said it was difficult to apply since he had to submit three different transcripts from three different schools, but for the most part his credits transferred and he believes he is on track.

“I didn’t want to jump the gun too early and say, like, ‘Oh my god, this is the best school ever,’ just to be let down later,” Reyes said. “So, I was always trying to not compare them, but É all the reasons I initially decided to transfer have come to fruition, I guess. They’ve all been right. Class sizes are smaller, I’m more close and engaged with my professors and it’s more intimate. The students, I guess, are here for school and not for partying. And there’s still parties, but it’s not the main culture of the school.”

Van Meter said she believes Knox handles transfers well. She has a service animal which requires her to live in a single dorm and though she transferred in Winter Term, when most housing is already determined, she was able to find accommodations.

“Honestly, I don’t mind having to stay another year at Knox,” Van Meter said.


Bennett Van Meter is the Business Manager for TKS.


Sam Lisec, Multimedia Reporter
Multimedia Reporter
Samuel Lisec is a senior majoring in creative writing and philosophy. He has worked as a staff writer, co-news editor and podcast host for The Knox Student. Lisec has also interned at the Register-Mail local newspaper in Galesburg, IL and is a recipient of the 2nd Place award for Investigative Reporting at ICPA in 2019. Email:

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