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Editors of the Round Table: What we learned this term

Soleil Smith, Discourse Editor: I really thought I was done with journalism after my years in high school, but TKS has really brought the passion back to me. This last term, I’ve helped publish a myriad of different stances on a myriad of different topics. I can gladly say I’ve learned something new from each column I’ve published, and I hope you have to! The value of diverse perspectives on varied topics is a lesson we often must keep learning, and this section has served that purpose for me time and again. I hope that next year I can push this further, reaching out to perspectives and principles much farther from my own.


Alicia Olejniczak, Associate Mosaic Editor: I wouldn’t have thought that my contributions to TKS would ever go past taking photographs, but becoming an editor has challenged me in a variety of ways. I’ve been able to improve my writing through the many issues while also learning about designing pages and what is visually appealing. I’m challenged every week and I’ve had to learn how to manage my work under weekly deadlines. It’s been fun putting together center each week, and I hope you enjoyed the photos and stories that have come out of it.


Samuel Lisec, Co-News Editor: As a staff writer, my TKS work centered just on my news writing. I focused solely on my stories, my sources and my deadline. As an editor this term I have learned how to juggle not only the writing side of news writing, but also the managing side. My deadline has become more flexible since I am answering to myself, but everything else has become a lot more complex and engaging. It is one thing to write a story, it is another thing to come up with multiple story ideas, lay them out and edit them.


Carlos Flores-Gaytan, Co-News Editor: My biggest concern going into this school year was how I was going to come up with compelling stories to help fill the news section every week. Only so much happens at a small college like Knox, and sometimes you worry you’re just going to recycle the same old stories from every year. Finding stories that will catch readers’ attention is still a work in progress (and if you ever have a story you think TKS should be covering, feel free to hit up one of the emails listed in the staff box!) Sometimes you just go with whatever got the most lively discussion at student senate that week. Sometimes you have to take what could be routine event coverage, and dig deeper for an angle that will elevate it. And sometimes you have to take a look around campus, and figure out what you’re noticing changing.


Connor Wood, Editor-in-Chief: There is a lot more that goes into a paper than what gets published in print or online. I was amazed at the number of organizational meetings I had to set up in the first few weeks of the term. I had met with the outgoing business manager last year, but I was still unprepared for trying to get ads and budgeting. It did not help that we ended up with a much smaller budget than we expected, making ads and subscriptions even more important than I had anticipated. There is also the organization that needs to go into the staff, planning stories, addressing reader concerns and meeting with other groups on campus. That has been my biggest learning curve this term. Luckily I have been able to rely on my staff to handle most of the reporting while I have been learning this.

TKS Editorial Board

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