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A look into I-Week

Bamise Afolabi (left), junior, stands next to Swarup Behera (right), senior, smiling in their traditional clothing. (TKS/ Rob Nguyen)

Senior Billy Nguyen sings passionately to popular Vietnamese songs during craft and karaoke night on Tuesday. (TKS/ Rob Nguyen)

At left, Shifa Dandia, senior, and sophomore Wakako Sugata, hold the flags of Pakistan and Japan, respectively. (TKS/ Rob Nguyen)

Left to right: Mary Hong, junior, Jane Lee, sophomore, Tina Jeon, senior, all proudly carry the South Korean flag while wearing hanboks. (TKS/ Rob Nguyen)

Students gather on the staircase to showcase their clothing and flags. (TKS/ Rob Nguyen)

Susan Htun, sophomore, and Eli Kang, junior, put together Vietnamese crafts. (TKS/ Rob Nguyen)

Left to right: Hoa Duc, sophomore, Susan Htun, sophomore and Shifa Dandia, senior all sing together during karaoke night. (TKS/ Rob Nguyen)




With a week filled with daily events, International Week is coming to a close with its grand finale: international fair. This year’s theme is street culture and it came with a week full of events for the whole student body to enjoy.

International Week, also known as ‘I-Week’, is organized each year by the students of International ClubÑ An organization meant to promote and spread awareness of the many cultures present on campus.

Prior to the main event held on Saturday, each day of the week has an event hosted by a different cultural club. These events included traditional outfit day, Vietnamese craft and karaoke, Hijab Day and Malayalam New Year.

While I-Week events take place in the evening, the fair itself if a day-long affair, beginning at noon and lasting until 8pm.

This is an anticipated event each year that brings the Knox community together and the many cultures that are present on campus.

This year’s traditional clothing day brought in more people than last year. Students donned clothing that was significant to their nationality, while often posing next to their respective country’s flag.

Senior Billy Nguyen talked about his meaningful experience over e-mail, “I love my culture and wearing traditional clothing is one of the few things I can do to show it off. I participated in this year’s cultural clothing day because I have never done this before and I don’t want to miss out on it as this is my last year,” Nguyen wrote.

On Tuesday, Jan. 21 students enjoyed a casual event of making Vietnamese crafts and singing karaoke. Students chose templates that they then glued colored paper strips onto. Meanwhile, other students took to the microphone to sing popular Vietnamese songs.

I-Fair is a cherished event that allows students to take pride in their heritage while learning about others. It is a joyful week that emphasizes backgrounds of the many students on campus.

Alicia Olejniczak, Associate Mosaic Editor

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