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Students for Sustainability plan for Earth Month

With April looming just around the corner, Students for Sustainability (S4S) pieced together a list of potential speakers, one for each of the four weeks of Earth Month.

At Monday’s meeting of S4S Caitlin Edelmuth, junior, had a PowerPoint presentation packed with information about the club’s potential keynote speaker, Rafael Pease. Edelmuth had not only combed the snow-athlete-turned-environmental-activist’s social media accounts and website, but she had also exchanged messages with Pease.

Pease was on board and waiting for a message from Edelmuth to confirm that he would be Knox’s Earth Day speaker. Excitement bubbled among the 11 students gathered in the Sustainability Cottage as they discussed Pease’s accomplishments.

Pease is a French native who now splits his time living between Boulder, Colorado and Chile. Pease’s goal is to create a national park around the stratovolcano Tupungato near Santiago, Chile. Making the area into a national park would preserve the land and several endangered species. Pease made a film about this area and his trek up the stratovolcano called “Tupungato: creating a national park,” which is going to be touring starting in March 2020.

Students for Sustainability are fairly certain Pease will be their Earth Day speaker. The group also confirmed Ron Bowen, founder of Prairie Restoration Inc., would speak during Earth Month. Prairie Restoration Inc. was one of the first companies in the nation to focus on design based on native plants and restoration of native plant communities.

Additionally, S4S is contemplating having a panel of female farmers. This panel is not yet confirmed, but would consist of a few local female farmers speaking about their experiences and their dedication to farming sustainably. Students for Sustainability are still debating whether to go through with the panel, and if they do, who to bring in as a fourth speaker.

Sarah Eitel

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