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Knox senior finds second love in CrossFit

Trisha Turner retired from soccer due to concussions, but she found a new passion

by kyle williams

Sports Editor


Concussions took away soccer from Trish Turner. Soccer, a sport that the senior had played since she was a young child.

Turner wanted to stay in shape while also still being competitive, which is why Turner decided to take up CrossFit.

“I still wanted to be like physically active, and to take care of my body and mind. So I would to work out on my own. CrossFit is a whole different level for me. And finding that, it ignited this like different fire,” Turner said.

According to the CrossFit website, “CrossFit is a lifestyle characterized by safe, effective exercise and sound nutrition. CrossFit can be used to accomplish any goal, from improved health to weight loss to better performance. The program works for everyone – people who are just starting and people who have trained for years.”

Turner dabbled in CrossFit during her senior year of high school before she stopped participating in the workout routine before college because of her dedication to soccer. After her soccer career ended after her sophomore year, Turner wanted to find a way to have structured workouts. That’s when she decided to go back to CrossFit after a couple of years away from doing it.

“I think the way that the CrossFit gym that I go to is structured allows for a very structured workout, and it’s like serves a purpose for you,” Turner said. “It’s not just attending a gym and kinda jacking around and doing whatever you want. There’s a whole set and you show up and you know what your most recent personal record and you know that you want to like aim for a new one.”

CrossFit wasn’t easy at first for the senior from San Diego, California.

“I wasn’t good with my upper body, like shoulders. I was always really strong with like my lower half. But the upper body just wasn’t there for me. So once I was able to like clean weight, heavier weight and keep building on it, it was rewarding to know that I was progressing,” Turner said.

Overhead presses were one of the workouts that gave Turner trouble. One of the benefits of CrossFit is that you’re essentially competing with yourself. You’re trying to top what you have done previously.

“I would say that there is this workout called ‘Fran’ and recently we did, um, and I have a video of it, but it’s, it’s a CrossFit workout that they do in the competitions, and it’s basically overhead presses and then pull-ups. There’s all of these standards for the movements I have to meet and everything,”Turner said.

Competition emits a ton of emotion, and during Turner’s one-hour workouts It’s that emotion that keeps her going.

“I got to say it’s the adrenaline I think I get from the workouts,” Turner said. It’s internal, no outside motivations. It’s just what I want to get out of the workout and once I’m in the class and that like buzzer rings and it’s time to like go through the workout in my head I’m like, ‘Well I have to go through it.’

“It helps me relieve stress and if I’ve had a bad day. I’ll go extra hard in the gym and like I’ll get a personal record,” Turner said.

Participating in CrossFit has allowed Turner to impact and motivate other women through her fitness account that she started. She initially started the Instagram account to look at her form and tweak it, but other people began to drift towards her account.

“I started out thinking, ‘Oh, this is just going to track my progress. It’s going to be a picture from June, when I started, to now.’ It’s become more of a way for me to keep myself inspired and then to like to inspire others, Turner said.

Turner is inspiring others like how her mentors encouraged her. “I’d say Katie (Klassen)was a huge inspiration cause I would see her, and she’s just like so freaking strong. I think it’s amazing being able to see these women that just lift double their body weight and like carry out a workout, and then they inspire their kids while they’re doing it,” Turner said.

When you think of a gym, you often think of muscular men working out together and trying to prove their strength to one another. Now, women are starting to dominate the gym as much, if not more than men.

“I think that a huge aspect of it is empowerment and like wanting to continue, uh, because you like to feel strong and independent. It’s also just really fun, like breaking stereotypes. I’m not just some ditzy girl, I can hold my own and stuff like that,” Turner said.

Turner still fights the stereotypes at the gym. She gets told statements like, ‘You’re only working out to look good’ or other broad generalizations of why a woman would want to workout. Turner is working out for the same reasons that the men are: to better her body.

Life has a way of having a bunch of twists and turns. The senior thought that she was going to love soccer forever. Her second love of CrossFit has turned into her first love and something that she wants to continue for a long time.






Kyle Williams
Sports Editor

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