Campus / News / February 19, 2020

Students protest at Board meeting

Students demonstrated at a Board of Trustees meeting last week where they listed demands for the school that focused on addressing racism and inequity for black students, staff and faculty on campus.

A video posted by Allied Blacks for Liberty and Equality (ABLE) on Sunday, Feb. 16, and shared by other organizations on Instagram shows a group of students entering the meeting room in Alumni Hall. They enter in silence, read out their demands and then exit the room in silence.

The demands included:

  1. Work with Intercultural Life for mandatory racial diversity and comprehension training for all staff which includes an in-person element
  2. Mandatory racial diversity and comprehension training for all faculty which includes an in-person element
  3. A specific part of new student orientation focused on racial diversity comprehension
  4. One week in each first-year preceptorial class on racial diversity and comprehension
  5. $3,000 stipend per year to black students as reparations
  6. That Knox hires and retains black staff and faculty

They requested the demands be met by 4 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 28.

President Teresa Amott and senior staff responded with an email to the student body on Wednesday, Feb. 19. The email stated that the board and senior staff plan to address the demands and would give a more detailed response before the deadline.

Additionally, the email promised to work with the Campus Diversity Committee, Intercultural Life and other campus groups to address the issues.

TKS will continue to cover the process in future issues.

Connor Wood, Editor-in-Chief
Connor Wood is a senior with a double major in English Literature and Environmental Studies. He started as a volunteer writer and then staff writer his freshman year and was a news editor his sophomore and junior years. He has also worked as a communications intern for the Aldo Leopold Nature Center and as an intern with Unified News Group, both in the Madison, WI, suburbs.

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