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Friendship powers senior music recital

Seniors Katerina Sasiesta and Maggie Decker hold hands as they preform a song together. (Katy Costeglia/TKS)

For Katerina Sasieta and Maggie Decker, choosing to do their senior recitals together was never something they stopped to question.

“Eventually we were both kind of just like, ‘Yeah, of course, we’ll do it together.’ It wasn’t even like, ‘Maybe we won’t do it,’” said Sasieta.

Though they both have different focuses musically — piano for Sasieta and voice for Decker — choosing to have a joint senior recital was something that felt natural to both of them.

Their recital, titled “For Your Consideration” featured Irish folk songs performed by Decker and classical pieces for piano by Sasieta. While they recognize that these are not things that would often be found performed at the same recital, it was still something they wanted to tackle together.

“It’s a bit eclectic, they’re not things that would typically go together, but as Katerina so eloquently put it earlier, we’re both individuals who have our own passions, but we’re also best friends, so we wanted to do it together,” Decker said.

Growing to become friends was something that came easy to Decker and Sasieta, who lived in the same suite their freshman year and have only grown closer since then. Because the two of them decided to become music majors at around the same time, they found that the paths that they took within the department were similar and they ended up in many of the same classes.

While neither came to Knox with plans to major in music, the decision to pursue music further has been impactful in many ways for both of them.

For Sasieta, coming to Knox meant getting back into music and having access to lessons again. She found that the piano lessons she received in her first term at Knox were a big reason as to why she decided to stay.

After that, the decision to major in music came naturally to her and she has found that she has fallen in love with the music department. Her love for practicing the piano is something that has stuck for her as she finds that he is happier when she can find at least an hour a day to practice.

Decker also finds herself holding the same love for the music department and everybody within it. She has learned so much about the impact that music can have during her time at Knox and how valuable it remains.

Working within the music department together has served to strengthen the relationship between Decker and Sasieta as they find they compliment each other’s skills well.

“A lot of the things that come naturally to Maggie don’t for me, and vice versa when it comes to theory, so we helped each other a lot,” Sasieta said.

Their senior recital meant something more than just a performance. It served as a reflection of who they are and the time they were able to spend at Knox together.

“We love Pride & Prejudice (2005) with Keira Knightly. We’re both very passionate about this, we watch it frequently.” Sasieta said. “The opening song from that is a piano piece and I will be opening our recital with that which we feel is just a very fitting way.”

With graduation quickly approaching, the seniors were ready and anxious to preform.

“Katerina’s graduating after this term and so it feels like this is a culmination of our relationship, everything we’ve learned. It’s a good way to have closure on our whole time here,” Decker said.

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