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Future of Bodies Week remains unclear

The final ever Bodies Week may have already come and gone.

In an attempt to normalize body types and eliminate stereotypes, Students Against Sexism in Society (SASS) hosted another year of Bodies Week: a week-long event that highlights self-love, self-care and bodies of all sizes. While this is a exciting time for SASS, the future of the event is up in the air.

Each year through the month of February, the club puts a collection of events together over the course of six days — from DIY Heating Pads, dialogues on diversity in bodies and self-care events. On Saturday, Feb. 22, the annual gallery is hosted in Taylor Lounge. This is when students who applied to be a model showcase their photo next to other students. The photo is supposed to speak about body image and can be anything from a selfie to a full naked portrait.

“I think it’s just really important for people to feel good with their bodies, and for them to love themselves, or be on the way to loving themselves. I think being able to, as a student, be in charge of a picture, the idea of it is really empowering. They’re the owners of the pictures, the photographers do not keep those pictures, and I just think it’s empowering and beautiful,” said Kira Carney, senior and Treasurer of SASS.

The photos that are hung in the gallery range in poses, themes and overall appearance, making it exciting for the members to see how people will respond year after year.

Carney has always been a fan of the annual event and was disappointed to see a decline in participants this year. In past years, the club will receive anywhere from 50 to 100 photos to print in their gallery. While 70 models signed the form to become a model, only 34 submitted a picture to be hung, making this the smallest turn out in years. The decline was expected from Carney’s first year to now, from about 100 photos her first and second year and almost 60 her third year, but to drop to 34 was a surprise.

“It was still great, all the pictures were very beautiful and I’m so happy that people still wanted to contribute to Bodies Week gallery,” Carney said.

The executive board of SASS, consisting of seniors Carney, Liz Huerta, Dana Dombrowski and Alex Gicala, are worried about the future. With an executive board that will all graduate in June and no other committed members of SASS, the board believes that this may be the last year of Bodies Week run by the club.

Carney shared that she will be reaching out to other clubs in hopes that they will take over the responsibility of the gallery, as to not see it die out with the graduation of the members. She plans to begin the talk to younger students in the coming weeks.

“Bodies Week gallery is a wonderful event, even if it’s just the gallery and they don’t want to do the whole week, it’s going to be up to the club and who wants to take it up, and if they do want to take it up. We want it to keep going,” Carney said.

Even if a specific club doesn’t commit to the tradition, the executive board hopes that student’s love for the week will keep the event going.

“Hopefully, it wasn’t the last Bodies Week gallery. I don’t think it will be. I have some pretty high hopes. A lot of people participate in it who are not seniors, so I hope,” Carney said.

Sadie Cheney, Co-Mosaic Editor
Co-Mosaic Editor

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