Campus / News / March 4, 2020

Senate Brief: Grafitti wall move considered

Senate approved a plan to take down the current graffiti wall and looked into a proposal for the wall’s new location.

Last week, a survey from Senate was sent to the student body to collect opinions on replacement options for the wall. Senate reported that the most popular proposed locations were some combination of being placed near Campus Safety and the Whitcomb Art Center.

Senate’s executive members stated they had not yet looked into the logistics of such a move, but it was believed a location by WAC, away from student residences, would dissuade offensive comments from being written on it at night.

It was also stated the move’s approval would be dependent on ensuring the location was lit and would feature cameras. 

Finance updates

A discussion from the previous Senate meeting regarding funding for closed campus-events was followed up on by Treasurer Andrew Liput, junior. Liput stated he had discussed what options Senate has with Vice President for Student Development Anne Ehrlich.

Senate took a straw poll in favor of the idea of updating their policy to create a process for closed events aimed at specific groups on campus to be funded. Liput stated he would include this in his proposed finance changes which will have to be fully approved later.

He also noted that he had presented his proposed changes to the general budgeting process earlier that week at an open forum, which was briefed on in the previous issue of TKS.

Senate approved a $167.46 request from Pre-Law Club for the purchase of material that will assist students preparing to take the LSAT exam for law school and a $70 request for an event by Botanical House.

Health and Wellness Chair Tina Jeon, junior, presented a request for the funding of a Self-Care Kit project which was budgeted at $3999.33, coming out of the Campus Life enhancement fund. Senate approved it following a discussion in which $293.75 worth of items that were deemed unnecessary — include highlighters and pens — were cut to bring the cost down to $3705.58.

Carlos Flores-Gaytan, Co-News Editor
Co-News Editor

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