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Knox County announces first COVID-19 case

Knox County announced its first case of COVID-19 Friday evening.

The case is a man in his 50s from the county. He is recovering in a local hospital. People who were in close contact with him are being monitored for signs of the virus, the Register-Mail reported from a press conference held Saturday morning.

Mayor John Pritchard acknowledged the case in a message released on Saturday.

“While this brings this global problem close to home, please do not panic. The medical community and health experts have advised this would happen, and we are prepared and taking all recommended precautions. Do not hoard supplies or make rash choices, simply following the recommended social distancing and health recommendations is the best choice for ourselves, our friends and family, and our community,” Pritchard wrote.

There have been 29 tests in the county, with 22 coming back negative. Six tests are still pending. Two positive cases were also reported in Henry County, directly north of Knox County, according to the Knox County COVID Unified Command Dashboard. Peoria County additionally has seven cases.

Both Galesburg hospitals are restricting visitor hours and numbers. Cottage Hospital has started screening people with respiratory problems from their cars.
Knox County COVID Unified Command Dashboard with case numbers across the state can be found here:

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