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List of online and offline activities for quarantine

Amidst the dread of staying inside for days or weeks at a time, a change of pace is needed. Here is a list of online and offline activities for you to change things up in your day. No, this list will not include baking bread.



Many of us are stuck in front of a computer screen most of the day as we attend class meetings then do classwork afterward. If your eyes aren’t completely strained and you want some things to do online, here are some ideas. There are too many links to include, but revisiting old Flash games that you played as a kid could also be worth going back to. They’re all out there.

1. Club Penguin

Did you know that Club Penguin is back? Not only that, but it’s back with “mature” servers. Do whatever you will with this information. It even has its own Discord server.

2. Hoshi Saga

This is a peaceful game played in stages where your goal is to find the star in each one. Something quiet, simple and relaxing to pass the time. 

3. Free Harvard Courses

It’s fair if you don’t want to spend more of your time with online learning, but this could still be of interest. They feature a range of subjects and some won’t start until the summer. We might be saying goodbye to a summer spent with friends at the beach, so you may as well build some brainpower. Plus, you’ll get the bragging rights of saying that you took a Harvard course.

4. FreeRice

You’re already killing time, you might as well be doing something that can help world hunger. Even if it’s just a grain of rice! Free Rice is founded by the United Nations World Food Program that donates rice with each question you answer. 

5. Learn a New Skill

Again, you might be mentally drained. But if you seek some self-improvement then maybe think about taking up learning a new skill on Skillshare. Maybe you will discover a new hobby. 



You probably want to get away from the screen. Creative relief is something we all need, so these ideas have more of a creative tilt to them. Finding a new recipe, trying out a new workout routine, or choreographing a dance are also all possibilities.

1. Origami

Take some of those old graded assignments you have laying around and make some origami with them. Fill your room with paper cranes simply because you can. 

2. Blackout poetry

You’ve probably got textbooks that you bought and can’t get rid of. Or a book that you’ve already read and is collecting dust on your shelf. Let your inner poet roam and make some blackout poetry. Maybe this will aid the current writer’s block that comes from sitting inside all day.

3. Collaging

Similarly, you probably have magazines laying around that you’ve already read but don’t quite want to get rid of. Cut out the things you find inspirational, pretty, moving, or all of the above, and find something to stick it onto.

4. Sew a mask

There are plenty of places that show you how to make your own mask, even if you don’t know how to sew. Here’s one of them.

5. Plant something

Now is a great time to do some planting, indoor and outdoor. 


Alicia Olejniczak, Associate Mosaic Editor

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