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Campus Safety Log: Damage to property and thefts

March 13

Before 4:30 p.m. on March 12., DAMAGE TO PROPERTY, Fiji/Williston Parking Lot — Campus Safety received a report that a student’s vehicle had sustained previously unnoticed damage.

March 16

Before 3:30 a.m., DAMAGE TO PROPERTY, Hamblin Hall — Campus Safety was advised of a report of broken ceiling tiles.

March 18

1:36 p.m., THREATS, Online — Campus Safety responded to a report of online harassment.

March 26

Between March 16 and March 25, THEFT, Williston Hall — Campus Safety responded to a report of missing cleaning supplies.

April 1

Before 6 p.m., March 31, THEFT, Near Post Hall — Campus Safety received a report of a stolen bicycle seat.

April 12

10:19 p.m., DAMAGE TO PROPERTY, S. Academy St. and W. Tompkins St. — Campus Safety and GPD responded to a report of a vehicle striking a parked student vehicle and leaving the scene.


The Campus Safety Log contains incidents reported by Campus Safety officers during the past week, listed by date reported. This log is a public record. The Director of Campus Safety reserves the right to withhold certain information temporarily in rare cases where publication would, for instance, jeopardize an ongoing investigation or the confidentiality of a victim.

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