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WVKC uses Instagram to stay connected

Junior Milo Camaya’s current playlist of the week posted on WVKC’s Instagram Page. (Courtesy of Milo Camaya)

Media organizations at Knox are working tirelessly to make sure they are still connecting with Knox Students. The radio station, WVKC, wants to make sure the community knows they are coming up with plenty of ideas to include music in Knox’s quarantine routine. 

“We have a lot of virtual activities planned this term. We’re doing weekly Instagram concerts on Saturdays and posting what we are listening to as a staff. We’re also virtually training our staff which is sort of tricky! But we’re making it work,” said junior, Milo Camaya, General Manager of WVKC. 

On Instagram, the WVKC staff has been posting playlists that each staff member has been listening to throughout the week in order to keep the community up to date on current music trends. A post is made every day of the week except Saturdays, which they are reserving for Instagram Live sessions or other events. 

“We want to stay active, so be sure to follow our Instagram (@thewvkc). We’re going to start posting more, so expect staff playlists, Knox artist features, and more! Virtual events are in the works. One of the things we’re thinking of are NPR-style Tiny Desk Concerts on Instagram Live, so if you want to perform, please reach out,” sophomore Nelson Zhong, said. Zhong is the current Promotional Director and future Co-General Manager alongside Camaya. 

Each staff member has a variety of different music styles, making playlists suited to all types of aesthetics. The main event that Knox students can look forward to is a virtual prom hosted by WVKC. The staff members provided little information except for the possibility of it being hosted on the popular game, Club Penguin.

“Even though the term is online, we’re planning a lot of events that will hopefully make people feel less far away from one another,” said Camaya. 

As far as training and transitioning go within the executive board, the staff is trying to figure out new ways to keep the flow within the team. 

“We made training guides for our respective successors detailing deadlines for specific processes and their important contacts, as well as general responsibilities. We’re also meeting on video calls to get to know each other and answer any questions,” Zhong said. 

WVKC is looking forward to coming back to campus (hopefully) in the fall to introduce and integrate the new staff. Camaya and Zhong are excited to show the new staff’s fresh ideas and events but do not want to spoil the surprise just yet. As for now, they are utilizing Instagram to the best of their ability to stay connected. 

“Hang in there, stay inside, stay 6ft apart. Keep listening to music wherever you go. We will be together soon, I know it,”  Camaya said. 

To follow WVKC on Instagram, go to


Sadie Cheney, Co-Mosaic Editor
Co-Mosaic Editor

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