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TKS Reviews: This Is Us

For many of us, being stuck quarantining with our families for the past few months has certainly brought up a lot of family drama. So what better way to distract yourself from your own family problems by delving into another family’s drama?

NBC’s hit television show This is Us is the perfect remedy to remind yourself that your family during lockdown may be crazy, but nothing compared to the issues the Pearson family faces.

The show artfully follows the family through different timelines, switching constantly between showing the children growing up and them in their adult life.

It switches between the love story of parents Jack and Rebecca and following their children Kevin, Kate, and Randall.

Kevin, the star of the family, was a sought after High School Quarterback before a serious injury forced him to change career paths towards acting. But a blow up in front of a live studio audience leaves him without a job and his career in danger.

Kate, who’s journey with weight problems, stemming from problems with her mother, leads her to meet someone who will change her life forever.

Randall struggles with being the only black member of an all-white family while trying to answer questions about his past, which are being hidden by those he loves.

The parents, Rebecca and Jack, look like the perfect couple with the perfect marriage, but quickly and abruptly this ends, leaving the family shell shocked and struggling to move on.

This Is Us does a terrific job relating past and present timelines, presenting us with different puzzle pieces that slowly give us a glimpse as to their whole family story. This original and fragmented story style allows for fascinating character development that lends itself to a natural progression of moments that build family connection, truly letting the viewer emotionally attach to the characters. The unique plot style allows the viewer to fully grasp each character’s unique personalities, by showing us important moments from their past, present, and sometimes even future.

While the show can sometimes seem overly dramatic and forced, and the mother’s performance often leaves a lot to be desired, This Is Us is a raw, heart-string pulling drama that does a terrific job bringing the audience into the love, laughter, pain, and suffering that the Pearson family shares. It brilliantly blends bright moments of humor and joy with that of sadness and despair that feels real and natural. The four seasoned show will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and it will delve you deep into the complicated emotions that are intertwined with every family.

This Is Us is available on Hulu, the NBC app, Sling TV, and YouTube.

Dmitri Chambers, Co-Mosaic Editor
Co-Mosaic Editor

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