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Looking towards future for TKS and Knox

When I began volunteering as a writer for TKS my first term at Knox, I would not have imagined myself becoming Editor-in-Chief of this paper. Even as I gained experience and took on a section editor role with the paper, I still thought that if I ever ended up in this spot, it would be an unmitigated disaster. It might be nice to say that it’s because of growing confidence in myself that I now feel ready to take the responsibility of this job, but it’s at least as much because I know I have a great partner to rely on in Sadie Cheney.

I also would not have imagined I’d be writing my Aloha column from my room at home, separate from campus like most Knox students because of a global pandemic. Thinking about the way we sent off TKS seniors in past years, it feels regrettable we won’t get to part ways in the same way this time. 

All I can offer is thanks to those leaving us for what they contributed to TKS. To Soleil Smith for joining us this year and helping make our Discourse section a lively place for campus discussion. To Michelle Dudley for being the smartest person on staff and being willing to put together beautiful graphics even when we’d ask for them at the last minute. To Katy Coseglia for being there to capture important Knox moments  and at one point carrying our photo needs literally on one arm. 

But of course, our biggest thanks have to go to our outgoing Editor-in-Chief Connor Wood. His year as our head wasn’t light on challenges. From handling budget changes and figuring out how’d we make a paper when our Adobe licence expired, to suddenly having to steer an online only version of TKS — Sadie and I can only hope we’ll meet the unprecedented problems that come our way with the same poise. A lot of the editors who’ve been part of TKS have helped me become a better journalist, but Connor is who provided me feedback and encouragement from my very first articles for the paper when he was Co-News Editor, so I know I owe him a lot.

As it stands, Sadie and I are already looking at a lot of uncertainty in regards to our year as Editors-in-Chief. Nobody knows what fall term will look like. Spring was a rough term in a lot of ways, and while we can be proud of a lot of the work TKS published during it, we know we could do better. To whatever extent we’re still dealing with changes in life from Covid-19, we’ll continue having to figure out how we can best report on these unusual times. 

I do have a lot of hope for what next year will look like. I have hope we’ll see an outdoor Flunk Day again. I have both my class and the class of 2020 will be able to have memorable graduation ceremonies. And I have hope we’ll be able to put together a great paper. We have a staff mostly full of returning faces, who hopefully won’t have forgotten too much about how to use InDesign and will be eager to take on challenging stories. We’ll have a great advisor in Tom Martin too, as always, to offer wisdom and tell us when we’re treading water. 

And, ideally, we’ll have a campus to report on again — with Senate meetings to do briefs on, student art shows to cover and sport teams to take photographs of. We know listening to this campus will always be important to make sure this newspaper is actually providing value to the school. I hope we’ll get the chance to hear from you from next year. 

Carlos Flores-Gaytan, Co-News Editor
Co-News Editor

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